Things to see and do on St. Martin's

The most scenic beaches

All of the beaches on the islands are special, but it has to be said the ones on St. Martin’s are spectacular. Great Bay on St. Martin’s has been voted the best in the UK! The beaches stretch for miles with soft white sand and crystal-clear shores, they’re perfect for first time swimmers.

Walk to the Day Mark

The Day Mark is a navigation aid, which was built in 1683 and is noted as a famous landmark on the Isles of Scilly for its prominence standing tall on the top of the island, distinguished by it’s red and white colours. Look out when you fly into the islands for the landmark below!

Snorkelling with seals

The clear waters around the Isles of Scilly present some of the finest diving in the world – with an abundance of sea life and historic wrecks. The dive school on St. Martin’s offer charters, beginners’ taster dives – and, uniquely, an award-winning experience, snorkelling with wild seals.

See art at North Farm gallery

Artists from the Isles of Scilly may share a common inspiration, but it’s expressed in all kinds of ways – and there’s nowhere that’s clearer than at North Farm Gallery. In this converted barn, you’ll find more styles and media than you’d think possible.

Sample itineraries



Snorkel with seals

Snorkelling with Seals on the Isles of Scilly

For nature lovers and water enthusiasts it doesn’t get any better than snorkelling with seals in their natural environment. Head to the island of St. Martin’s, and you'll find the Scilly Seal Snorkelling Co who offer excursions to the Eastern Isles to swim with the seals and make memories to cherish for a lifetime. This trip is suitable for families from age 8 upward and couples.

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Beach day and lunch with a view

Discover the Beaches on St. Martin's Isles of Scilly

Sometimes we all just need a day relaxing on the beach, on St. Martin’s there’s ample choice of safe and sheltered beaches for the family to enjoy. The only difficult thing about a stay on St. Martin’s is deciding which beach you’ll visit. All around the island, you’ll find white, sandy coves that slope gently into crystal-clear water. It’s a tantalising choice.

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Walk to the Day Mark - St. Martin's

Some of our favourite things to do on St Martin's, Isles of Scilly

Whilst this island is walkable in a day, it would require a brisk walk to complete the entire length. One of our favourite walks is up to the Day Mark on St. Martin’s Head, check out our quick guide to the iconic landmark.

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Inspire me St. Martin's

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