Land’s End / Newquay and Exeter Airport to St. Mary’s Airport, Isles of Scilly


Land’s End Airport 20 mins
Newquay  Airport 30 mins
Exeter Airport 60 mins


Land’s End Airport: Year round, Exeter: March-October and Newquay Airport: April-October


Dogs are allowed on flights departing from and going to St. Mary’s, Land’s End and Newquay Airports


1hr before scheduled departure

Day trips

Enjoy a day trip to the Isles of Scilly with Skybus

The Isles of Scilly are just 28 miles from Land's End and are easily close enough to visit for the day. A Skybus day trip from Land's End or Newquay allows for up to 8 hours to explore, relax and plan your next visit

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Car Free Holidays

Combine a flight on Skybus with the night sleeper service

Connecting by train to the Isles of Scilly couldn’t be simpler. With seamless transfers at Penzance station, you can relax and savour one of Britain’s most scenic rail journeys. Find out more about our rail and fly travel tickets

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Fly + Sail Ticket

Enjoy a Skybus flight out, sail back. For the best of both worlds

Experience a Fly + Sail round trip, giving you the chance to enjoy Skybus and Scillonian in a single break: fly out to the Isles of Scilly, then sail back to the mainland; the best of both worlds

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A faster journey- more time on the Isles of Scilly

We operate three routes into St. Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly; a short 20-minute hop from Land’s End Airport or slightly longer flights from Exeter Airport (60 mins) and Newquay Airport (30 mins) – making it easy to connect to regional services throughout the UK and beyond. Wherever you are, you could be on the Isles of Scilly in a matter of minutes.

The North Cornwall Coast

Fly from Exeter or Newquay, and you’ll take in the spectacular north coast: the long stretches of beaches, towering cliffs, and picture-perfect coastal towns.

Sennen Cove, West Cornwall

A long, famous expanse of beach on the Land’s End peninsula. In summer, the waters are a tropical blue; at other times, the waves can be spectacular.

The rugged cliffs of Land’s End

This is Cornwall’s furthest tip and is suitably dramatic. As you head out over the Atlantic, you’ll see the cliffs, rocks and waves in an entirely new way.

Iconic, Longships Lighthouse

There’s been a lighthouse protecting shipping from the treacherous Land’s End coast since 1795. Longships is almost 150 years old, and can be seen 11 miles away.

Spot the Scillonian III from Skybus

Look out through your Skybus window below for the iconic white passenger ferry, making her crossing to St. Mary's Harbour.

Your first glimpse of the islands

Very quickly after take-off, the Isles of Scilly come into view. Before you know it, you’re looking down at sandy coves and turquoise seas.

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Skybus luggage allowance

Single and return trips

2 x Hold luggage

  • Max 15kg per person
  • 75cm X 50cm X 30cm
  • No single piece more than 20kg

1 X Cabin luggage

  • Small bag
  • 30cm X 15cm X 15cm
  • Coat, small camera, binoculars or book

Day trips

1 x Cabin luggage

  • Small bag
  • 30cm X 15cm X 15cm
  • Coat, small camera, binoculars or book

Excess luggage and freight

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About Skybus

Skybus has been the Isles of Scilly’s own airline for more than 30 years. Having started with charter flights in 1984, we now provide a year-round, scheduled service to the islands from three airports; Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter. We have eight aircraft and, at busy times, operate more than 60 flights each day. For more information on Skybus’s history visit our history page.

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